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Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Dispenser
Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Dispenser
Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Dispenser
Item#: 2142

Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Dispenser


This deep-cleaning dish duo tackles your toughest of baked on messes and more in a sustainable way. One 6 fl. oz. bottle of BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate makes three full Forever Bottles. This plant- and enzyme-based concentrate easily powers away baked-on food, grease and stains with just a pump or spray, and treats your hands and the environment with care.

Set includes

1 BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate

1 Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser

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  • Problem & Solution

    BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate


    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to run a sink full of water for just a few hand-washable dishes, fine china or even grimy bakeware? You need a sprayable, concentrated solution that easily dissolves away grease and grime—and of course it must be formulated with the environment in mind.


    Our powerful, plant- and enzyme-based dishwashing concentrate completely breaks down food particles, fat, stains and more, leaving dishes sparkling clean and your hands soft and moisturized. Best of all, it’s super-concentrated to maximize your cleaning power while reducing plastic packaging.

    Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser

    Washing your hands is more important than ever, but soap bars make a mess by your sink. And those plastic dispensers are convenient, but a great deal of virgin resources is required to produce them. And with more and more plastic filling our landfills, it’s time to look for a better option.

    Our glass Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser is a sustainable and beautiful solution to messy bars and wasteful plastic. The silicone sleeve offers a non-slip grip on smooth surfaces, and the bottle can be refilled time and again to save you money.

  • Use & Care
    • Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before adding liquid.
    • This product is a concentrate, so dilute before using and shake well: Add 2 fl. oz. of concentrate to the Norwex Forever Bottle with Sprayer or Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser (12–16 fl. oz. spray or pump bottle). Slowly fill with water and swish gently.
    • Spray or pump onto Norwex Microfiber, dish scrub brush or directly onto dishes. Wash. Rinse thoroughly.
    • For use only in a spray or pump bottle. Do not dilute product into a sink full of water.
    • Not for use in automatic dishwashers.

    Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser

    • Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before adding liquid.
    • Unscrew the pump and pour in Norwex Foaming Hand Wash of your choice.
    • When filling, leave about 2cm/1" of space between the Hand Wash and the top of the bottle to allow for creation of foam. 
    • Replace pump dispenser and tighten.
    • Before filling with a new scent, rinse bottle well.
  • Features & Benefits


    • Perfect for washing dishes, pots, pans and more.
    • Amylase enzyme helps cut through tough stains and baked-on foods naturally.
    • Rinses spot-free without residue.
    • Ultra-concentrated—one bottle of concentrate yields three bottles of ready-to-use product.
    • Available as part of a money-saving set with the glass Forever Bottle they choose.
    • Vegan (absolutely no animal products).
    • Product not tested on animals.

    Forever Bottle

    • Made from frosted glass with a durable brushed nickel pump.
    • Can be used with any liquid hand wash.
    • Pump dispenser creates rich foam, helping to conserve Hand Wash and reduce waste.
    • Includes stylish, no-slip silicone sleeve.
    • Reusable, earth-friendly bottle is designed to reduce the use of plastic and provide a more elegant look.
    • Frosted glass construction allows for viewing of bottle’s contents.
  • Did You Know?
    • It can take up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to fully decompose.

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